Matthias Zeuch, owner HRMnext

I love to help people grow.

I always had a passion for teaching people. I started early with 14 years teaching piano lessons to children, in my first semesters at university I taught unemployed teenagers in basics of economics and computer programming.

After graduating I was in charge of a group of internal students of economics at Daimler / Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart. Over the years my focus broadened to HR Management in general and I held positions such as HR Director for Europe at Daimler, EVP HR Daimler North East Asia and General Manager HR Europe at Johnson Electric.

Together with more than 80 HR leaders and professors I created as editor-in-chief the Springer “Handbook of Human Resources Management”. With 500,000 article downloads this 1,400 page work has become a global standard reference.

Based on these 30 years of experience, I started in September 2018 to create a curriculum of webinars teaching leadership in a highly interactive way.

In the years before more than 2,500 managers from around the world attended this curriculum. 

Since February 2021 I provide consulting and coaching with my new German company HRMNext GmbH. With this more personalised form of development I help my clients to find their own solutions to major challenges.


For further information, please contact us at mzeuch@icloud.com

Matthias Zeuch
Owner HRMnext GmbH

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