While training programs have a rather pre-determined structure, each coaching process develops its own dynamics between coachee and coach. A trainer rather provides answers while a coach rather asks questions.

With targeted questions – similar to those asked more than 2,000 years ago by the philosopher Sokrates – the coach unearths knowledge and insights which already pre-exist in the coachee’s mind. A coach does not say “You have to become more customer-oriented!” but asks the coachee: “If you were your own customer, what would you expect from someone like yourself?”.

The 50 minute session will be conducted in your preferred online video system (e.g. Zoom, MS Team, Webex, Skype)

Prior to the session you will be asked to describe your learning goal for the coaching.

Ideally you book two coaching sessions, so you will have a learning assignment from session 1 for the the time in-between the two sessions. In session 2 you will then reflect with your coach the results of the learning assignment.

Potential learning goals for the coaching could be (but are not limited to):

How to …

… successfully manage a conflict

… solve problems

… be more creative / create out of the box solutions

… think more strategically

… improve a professional relationship

… become more entrepreneurial

… lead a project / manage a crisis in a project

… manage low performers / improve low performance

… lead change, overcome obstacles in a change

… develop high potentials

… coach people, develop a coaching leadership style

… develop your team ( cooperation, effectivess, discipline, team spirit, …)

… engage and retain key talent

… prepare and conduct effective meetings

… collaborate with international colleagues / partners

… make clear and adequate decisions

… select the right talent for your team

… better manage priorities and time

… create and deliver convincing presentations

… better manage your emotions, enhance your self-awarness

I also coach HR leaders in the operative and strategic development of their HR department.

Please find a guide for an HR-Self Assessment attached:

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