Drive skills with targeted learning tools

We set up your own Corporate Competency Management System

What you get?

Provide approx. 250 video courses plus all your own training material in a “one-stop-learning” platform to your workforce.

  • Define curricula for targets groups such as “New Hires”, “First Time Managers” and more.
  • Easily organize classroom training.
  • Do testing and certification to ensure transfer to practice and compliance e.g., with ISO requirements.
  • Control training effectiveness with custom reports.

We instruct the staff of your Training department so they can easily administer the platform by themselves. Certainly, we also offer training administration as a service for you.

  • Each of the 250 video courses is not longer than 20 minutes
  • After each course a quick test is offered
  • No installation required (SaaS)
  • Single Sign-One function (SSO)
  • Mobile version for location-independent use
  • Video courses can be repeated at any time

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