Who We Are

The Global Association for Human Resources Management (GAHRM) is a network of  leaders and experts worldwide. The network emerged from a group of more than 80 authors who jointly wrote the “Handbook of Human Resources Management” and the booklet “Dos and Don’ts in Human Resources Management”, published by Springer Nature / Springer Gabler.

Our Purpose

The Global Association for Human Resources Management drives

– Humanistic Principles
– Professionalism
– Internationalization

in today’s HR management.

Communication and Events

On an ongoing basis we established and manage a communication platform in LinkedIn, the group “Global Human Resources Management” which has more than 2,000 participants.

We also organize a yearly exchange of HR leaders, the “Global HR Conference”.

In 2020, due to Corona Crisis, we chose an online format for the conference: The “HR Tea Time”.

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