Coaching People

Coaching is a method to develop people’s skills and behaviors. As a coach it is important to understand and apply the major principles of coaching which are 

–      Keeping strict confidentiality

–      See the world through the eyes of the coachee (Empathy)

–      Ensuring clarity about goals of the coaching process

–      Clearly limiting coaching to developing the coachee, not allowing it to become psychotherapy (unless the coach is a certified psychotherapist)

–      Respecting the coachee’s limits, e.g. areas the coachee does not want to talk about.

Major methods in coaching are

–      Providing adequate, precise, development-oriented feedback to the coachee, ideally based on a 360 -degree-survey in advance of the coaching process

–      Active listening with full focus on the coachee and paraphrasing to ensure understanding

–      Changing of perspectives, e.g. help the coachee to see conflict situation through the eyes of the others

–      Helicopter view, e.g. help the coachee to see the big picture

–      Leading with questions, i.e. bringing out knowledge and experience the coachee implicitly already has

Learn more about Coaching People and other 19 different areas of leadership in the Leadership Curriculum. Please contact me for more information.

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