About Discipline

In our times of creative disruption, thinking-out-of-the-box, rapid change and transformation nothing seems to be more antiquated than “discipline”.

Discipline stands for doing what you are told to do, repeating patterns without own thinking and following as opposed to leading.

On the other hand, we all can observe how a lack of discipline destroys value:

People checking their emails during meetings

working on unrelated topics during phone- or videoconferences

getting distracted from work by interesting pop-ups on their screens and finally

in the evening sitting at dinner with their partners and checking email.

People losing focus on what they are doing by trying to do several things in parallel.

Yes, discipline in the sense of following orders might be on the decline, however discipline in the meaning of “self-discipline” becomes a key attitude. Disciplining one-self to be there where you are , focus on whom you are with and work only on one thing at a time is key in this brave new world (same as it was before), it just has become so much more difficult.

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