May 12: Online Course on Self-Awareness and Self-Governance

Only if you are able to lead yourself will you be able to lead others.  In this program you will reflect your personal development so far and will create an outlook of your further growth. While for some the current crisis means a high additional workload, most others have more time than they want. Time to doContinue reading “May 12: Online Course on Self-Awareness and Self-Governance”

May 5: Online Course on Performance Drivers

What drives people to top performance and what can you do as a leader to drive top performance within your team?  In this course you will get a deeper insight into what “motivation” really means and what you can do to enhance motivation of your team members. You will learn in a small group ofContinue reading “May 5: Online Course on Performance Drivers”

Fair-Weather Captains in the Perfect Storm?

In a recent exchange meeting with HR leaders from across the globe the question came up: Did we select too many fair-weather captains as leaders? People who are great in managing growth, mastering smaller or midsize challenges – but being over-challenged in a perfect storm? We heard about managers who duck and cover, hoping itContinue reading “Fair-Weather Captains in the Perfect Storm?”

About Discipline

In our times of creative disruption, thinking-out-of-the-box, rapid change and transformation nothing seems to be more antiquated than “discipline”. Discipline stands for doing what you are told to do, repeating patterns without own thinking and following as opposed to leading. On the other hand, we all can observe how a lack of discipline destroys value:Continue reading “About Discipline”

Coaching People

Coaching is a method to develop people’s skills and behaviors. As a coach it is important to understand and apply the major principles of coaching which are  –      Keeping strict confidentiality –      See the world through the eyes of the coachee (Empathy) –      Ensuring clarity about goals of the coaching process –      Clearly limiting coaching to developing the coachee,Continue reading “Coaching People”

Do we need more leadership training now?

Wrong question!  Let me try again: Do we need more leadership now?  Oh yes, more than ever before! We need leadership to provide guidance, orientation, future perspective and encouragement in a time ahead, which will be full of challenges and uncertainties. So the right question regarding leadership training is, whether it leads to an effectiveContinue reading “Do we need more leadership training now?”